A Rite of Ordination of our Clergy
And Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will
We expect our candidates to arrive fully trained. We know what an
Elder and Clergy look like.

At least three of our clergy are present for an ordination. If this 
candidate is to join our Council, then at lease three members of 
our Council are present. If this candidate is to join us as an Elder
in Communion, than at least one member of our Council and others
from among our Elders are present.

1.   The Presentation of the Elder(s)

Each Candidate says, "I come to be part of the Moon Path Circle. I
am known as _______ and my path is ___________________.

2.   The Council retells the Story of Moon Path Circle and their
visions of the future.

3.   The Examination.

Candidates stand together as a Council member wields an athame and
administers the oath:

"Do you resolve to take responsibility for your own actions,
respect confidences entrusted to you, and not to blame or embarrass
the Moon Path Circle in what you do?

"Do you resolve to respect the requirements of State officials to
report risk or abuse of children or seniors? Do you resolve to
abide by State marriage laws and to always use for them black ink?"

"You are called and chosen. You are called to serve with each other
in the Craft. Will you so serve?"

"We will!"

One at a time, each candidate kneels (except Crones do not kneel).
Hands are stacked upon her/his head.

"Feel the burdens of office you have invoked upon yourself. They
shall remain with you throughout the rest of your life."

4.   The Consecration.

You have been examined by the Council and found to satisfy the
requirements for Elder in Communion with the Moon Path Circle, and
are hereby recognized as members of our Clergy, with all the right,
privileges, and responsibilities thereof."

Ladies and Lords, we present to you and this community the new
Elders in Communion and clergy of the Moon Path Circle.

Toasts may be offered and, optionally, gifts may be presented.

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